The Best Church Themes

The Best Church Themes

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Why choose best church themes ?

  • 1. No downloads or install needed. Our themes include an administration area.
  • 2. Immediate access to your personal administration area now!  with our Free 14 day Evaluation.
  • 3. Free domain name - or if you have a domain name we can use this.
  • 4. Free Paypal Donate Button - we'll set it up for you
  • 5. Super simple admin for PC and Mac + Free App for IOS and Android to update your website
  • 6. 99.99% uptime - hosted on Amazon AWS Cloud Servers
  • 7. Beautiful church inspired web themes - featuring video on home page / music / slideshows and we'll help you in every way to get the perfect site for your church.

Free app for IOS and Android

In addition to managing and updating your site with a PC or Mac we have offer a free app to manage and update your site on the go for iphone, ipad and android devices. We love this for its simplicity and think you will too. Its free for our clients !

Download on the App Store and Google Play

The Calendar Solution for Churches

The Calendar Based Administration System perfect for church websites to manage your daily / weekly / monthly events. It makes sense as churches are built on events.

- So you can add recurring entries easily each month / day or week.
- Highlight live video streaming events coming up and display as an event on calendar on your website.
- Easy to add new events via a calendar interface. Special days etc..

- Upload an image or highlight color day in calendar for special events.
- Easily drag an event to a different day.
- Display times of events.
- Display Religious / Faith Days to commemorate and highlight each year.

An indispensable tool for all church and faith websites.

The Best Image Galleries

Over 60 different awesome ways to display your collection of images on any page.
Super simple - upload images in bulk on any page.
Display with text similar to a powerpoint presentation.
Display as thumbnails in grid.
Display as a slideshow - you'll be amazed at our inbuilt effects.
Click image to fully enlarge on page to zoom in on a particular image.

View some examples in our help guide

Advanced Features

If you feel like delving deeper into the customisation options then you can and we are making loads of videos to guide you in every way. Every aspect of your site can be modified using our Mobile First Design Tool built and tested for over 5 years. Every change made will work on any mobile phone / PC or tablet.

Each news article or blog entry can have specific items you decide to include on the page. We define these as layouts and each site can be different and flexible according to your needs.

You have control over the naming of your items in the admin - it could be good for one site to have a blog but you may prefer to call it events ... all possible and we will help you with this when we setup your site.

Easily setup a one page home page with different sections and using scroll similar to this home page. Previous sites would have individual pages - download speeds are now much faster and we are used now to scrolling. Each block can have background images or source top news articles. Anything is possible - your imagination is the only limit.

Our software engineers can easily setup the exact requirement for you.

Beaver Away, Uganda

We love this site - a school based in Uganda. This was one of our first faith based websites we created in 2016.

We have designed many inspirational web sites but we'd like to share an exceptional site - a school in Uganda, Beaver Away that has gone from strength to strength. With donations from Ireland this small school has grown over the years and we hope our web site has helped a little to share their success story.

We are here for you !

- Free 14 day evaluation available instantly.
- We'll setup your site exactly as you wish within 24 hours of order.
- Free domain name to get you started in your trial period.
- Free setup of Paypal Donate button if required.
- Support ticket system to manage all your queries from within the administration area.
- Experts with over 20 years of web design & programming experience at hand to help you.

These 5 problems we will guarantee to solve for you!

  • 1. Complicated and time consuming to update my site.
  • 2. Setup of site requires HTML knowledge or the services of a web designer.
  • 3. Live video streaming complicated to setup
  • 4. No calendar to display my events
  • 5. Poor service and help with my site


Over the Easter period we are offering 30% discount on the setup charge of all our plans.

We want you to be delighted with your new church website and we know all the tips and ways to make this happen. Each client is individual and this is why we need to have a personalised service to get you up and running in order to setup everything exactly as you need. Therefore we need to charge a small setup fee for all our plans starting at $262.

If you decide to purchase your website after your 14 day free evaluation and you are not happy with our service. All setup charges will be refunded in full if refund request made within 30 days.

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